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Basically, you can impregnate all porous components, no matter if they are machined or unmachined, have fine or gross porosity, as long as they do not have blowholes or cracks.

The areas of application range from simple  grey cast iron housings to finished machined complex die-cast parts made of light metal alloys.

Pipe fittings made of non-ferrous metal or stainless steel are also impregnated in large batches.

The range goes from small parts that weigh only a few grams to parts weighing several hundred kilograms.

Plastic parts with metal inserts are impregnated to seal the gap resulting from different shrinkage factors and assembly methods.

Sintered parts made from many different materials do not have any homogeneous structure and therefore are sealed if the application requires. Even briquette and ceramic parts are sealed by us.

Galvanisation of porous parts will often come with problems from blooming or air inclusion. These defects can be prevented if the pores are closed by impregnation before galvanisation. Impregnation is also required for pre-treatment to achieve a better result in galvanic processing of sintered parts.