Impregnating Resin

Physical data of liquid sealants
  IM3000 IM4500r
Density (20°C) 1,04 g/ml 0,94 g/ml
Viscosity (20°C)
Frikmar Cup No. 3
27 s 22 s
Vapour pressure <15 Pa
Appearance yellow clear  
(also fluorescent on request)
Smell weakly ester-like

Special Sealants IM3000 and IM4500r

Our impregation sealants IM3000 and IM4500r are suitable for sealing fine and medium porosity in many different materials.

The sealants consist of cross-linking mono- and polyfunctional acrylates and methacrylates. They do not contain any halogen compounds and are PCB- and solvent-free.

IM3000 and IM4500r can be washed off easily; even complicated shaped and completely machined work pieces will not require any rework.

IM4500r can be recycled from the cold wash water of the impregnation system. The recycling process is simple and requires minimal control. IM4500r has good tolerance of normal impregnation system contamination.

IM3000 and IM4500r are characterised by extreme heat resistance. In permanent temperature exposure, this ranges from –110°C to + 200°C.

Impregnated work pieces can be subjected to the same pressure as tightly-cast parts. The chemical resistance to petrol, oils, hydraulic liquids, antifreeze, gases and hydrous acids is good to very good.

Approvals and expertises in favour of IM 3000

Suitability of IM3000 and IM4500r as sealants for cast impregnation is confirmed by international approvals and certificates by the following test institutions:

  • GWI Gaswärmeinstitut e.V., Essen (IM3000)
  • Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets, Gelsenkirchen
    ”KTW test certificate“
  • Lloyd´s Register of Shipping, London
  • Department of the Navy, Washington D.C.
    MIL-I-17563 B und MIL-I-17563-D (IM3000)
  • Approvals of the automotive industry